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    ¡Bienvenido a la clase de español!

    Welcome to Spanish 8!


    Welcome to Spanish!  Spanish 8 is the completion of a 2 year course which we started in the 7th grade.  In 7th grade we started the building blocks needed for understanding the language and culture of Spanish.  In 8th grade we will continue learning the basic vocabulary and grammar needed to speak conversational Spanish.  The climax and goal for this class is the success of all students on the 8th grade Spanish Spanish Exam.


    In order to ensure we will all meet with success in Spanish, please be aware of the following items:


    Supplies: The following items should be brought to class each day:

    1.  1 1/2 inch 3 ring binder

    2.  10 paper dividers

    3.  writing utensils (pencils and blue or black pens)

    4.  school issued electronic device

    5.  a set of headphones


    * Please note: Students should be re-using their Spanish binder from 7th grade.


    Google Classroom:  Each day students will find assignments posted.  Students are expected to complete the assignments in addition to daily studying of past and new vocabulary.  The goal of the assignments is to explain old concepts while building on new concepts in as detailed and repetitious manner as possible.


    Contact information:  If there are any questions or concerns I can be reached at the following places:

    telephone: (585)591-0400 x1253

    email: sbagrowski@atticacsd.org