Middle School Computer

    Lab Information

    The Middle School Computer Lab is available for teachers to sign-up during school hours.

    The schedule for the lab is on the calendar to the left of the page.

    To reserve the lab, please stop in,email or call Mrs. Donnelly

    The lab is also available to students during study hall and before school to work on projects.

    The purpose of the Computer Lab...

    - The MS Computer Lab is a general use lab. The room is frequently used by all staff and students.

    - Helping students to master computer knowledge and find necessary information is one of most rewarding aspects of the lab.  With the thought that Attica students equally deserve computer knowledge and support in their creative endeavors, help is available to each student.

    Rules have been put in place for the students. All of our Attica students deserve a non disruptive environment to accomplish their work, and a quiet clean room for their computer activities. To find out more about the atmosphere of the lab, the Computer Lab Rules are posted below.

    -The biggest challenge is to keep students focused on their schoolwork.  With the many distractions of the net, computer games, e-mail, chat rooms, and sites.  We monitor students on school computers. Sites that are not appropriate for school are blocked.



    The Computer Lab is not a recreation room...

    Expected Etiquette:


    • DO NOT bring food or drinks to the computer lab.

    Hungry people belong in the  lunch room. Computers eat only electricity and are allergic to spilled drinks. If you are a diabetic, or have some other health problems, notify the lab supervisor, and leave your food and drink with them.

    • Report any damage to the equipment                                            

    BEFORE you start working on the designated workstation. Report all computer problems to the lab supervisors.
    Do not attempt to "fix" things yourself.

    • Do not leave a mess.                                                                                                                                                       

    Pick up after yourself, be responsible for yourself.  Don't put your feet on the chairs, don't leave your papers around your work area.  You deserve to sit on a clean chair and stay in a clean room, don't you?

    • Do not access sites that you aren't supposed to.                                                       

    Searching for sites and activities  that aren't appropriate while in school and conducted on school equipment, undermine  the purpose of public education and may land you in serious, end even embarrassing trouble.

    • Respect everyone's right to study and learn.                                                                                           

    Loud talk and loud audio will distract your classmates  working in the same room.

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    If you have any questions you can call or e-mail
    (585) 591-0400   Ext.1303