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  • A Note from Mrs. Gebel

    Welcome to 2018-2019 school year.  I hope you enjoyed the wonderful summer break and are ready to return to school.  

    It is now time to get back in the school groove.  I am very honoured to be at Attica and to be teaching eighth grade students.  I do teach one high school class: Sociology for college credit.  

    Our mission for the year is to learn history, refine needed skills, and discuss current events.  Current events can sometimes lead to interesting discussions.  

    We will be working hard and getting students ready for high school and beyond.  Whether that will be work, more education, or the military.  We want all students to be educated, informed, and most importantly contributing members of society.  

    So, with all that said, I look forward to an interesting year.  Let's learn and maybe enjoy a little along the way.  

    Eighth Grade Supplies needed:  

    * 1 1/2" binder

    * loose-leaf paper

    * pen/pencil

    * 8 dividers

    * highlighter

    * 3 packs of index cards.

    * Homework folder - can be shared with other classes 

    Diane Gebel