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Attica Elementary Post Office


                Wee Deliver was started by the United States Postal Service in 1991 to promote literacy in elementary schools across the nation. Attica Elementary opened the Wee Deliver Attica Elementary Post Office in the fall of 1998.  Since then, students at Attica Elementary have written thousands of letters that have traveled through our postal system.

             The Attica Elementary building has been divided up into postal zones, with each hallway representing a city and each classroom a street. City and street names are selected to reflect a positive character trait. Each classroom desk is assigned an address number.

                Every student has the opportunity to apply for a job in the Wee Deliver system. Jobs include Postmaster (grades 3 & 4), Letter Carriers (grades 3 & 4), Sorters (grades 3 & 4), Cancelers (grades K-2), and Facers (grades K-2).  Students interested in working at the post office fill out a job application and go through an interview process.  Once hired, students recite the postal oath on the announcements and receive a postal oath badge.  When students complete their job cycle, which lasts about one month, they receive a certificate of participation and an activity book provided by the Attica Post Office.

                Throughout the year the Wee Deliver Post Office holds three stamp contests in which students design their own postage stamp.  The stamp entries are judged and two winners are selected from each grade level.  The winners receive a gift certificate for the school store.

                Students are encouraged to write letters to other children and faculty. The faculty is also encouraged to utilize the post office. 

             Wee Deliver Post Office fosters unification of the entire student body and faculty through a student-centered, school-wide communication system. The post office also provides students with real-life experiences in which to apply basic skills and provides a vehicle for use of students' writing skills. Working at the post office allows students to develop a sense of responsibility as well. In addition, the Wee Deliver Post Office would not be possible without the help of parent volunteers.