Professional Growth Committee

  • District Goals and Objectives for Staff Development

    The Attica Central School District recognizes that everyone should be a lifelong learner.  Further, a successful school is one in which each individual expects the best and accepts no less from himself/herself and others.  To this end, the mission of the Attica Central School District as is relates to staff development is:

    • To create a positive teaching/learning atmosphere.
    • To provide current and relevant research based staff development opportunities.
    • To create excitement about learning.
    • To maintain a focus and to be sensitive to needs and responsive to feedback.
    • To continue to prepare teachers for the New York State Standards.
    • To prepare students for academic success by providing up-to-date and pertinent staff development for teachers.
    • To continually assess the needs of the staff.
    • To provide ample opportunities for on-going technological training and to include goals from the PGC booklet.
    • To provide input and feedback to the Professional Growth Committee in the area of staff development using information from teachers and administrators.


    Matt Struzik (Teacher, High School School) 

    Paul Clark (Administrator, Middle School)

    Josh Audsley (Administrator, High School)

    Kelly Beitz (Administrator, Elementary School)

    Matt Stroud (Director of Curriculum)

    Bryce Thompson (Superintendent)

    Susan Herman (Board of Education)

    Erin Holt (Teacher, Middle School) *Chair

    Karen Bertalan (Teacher Assistant, High School)

    John Dickhut (Teacher, High School)

    Becky Gouinlock (Teacher, Middle School)

    Nici Parkhurst (Teacher, Elementary School)

    Lori Bifarella (Teacher, Elementary School)

    Sarah Stenson (Teacher, Elementary School)

    Melanie Domes (Teacher, High School)