• Reading Skills Class (Ms. Winiecki's Homeroom)-

    Choose an Independent Reading Book at their Independent Level (Mrs. Gouinlock and I can help them with that.), that they will need to hvae in class every day starting Monday 12/3.

    Read! Read! Read!




    Social Studies:

    When students return from Thanksgiving break we will be doing Egptian Centers, a research paper and project. Since I know that some students like to work on projects over a break I gave them the rubric for the paper and project and sent them all an email with a brief outline of the paper/project. (It is also in their Google Classroom.) It is not necessary for them to work on the paper at all. We will be learning to research/researching in the library all together, and I will show them completed papers to give them further guidance. However, I did want them to have the option of working on their projects during break. The requirements for their project are pretty wide. They need to do a 3-D project/model that reflects the topic they chose in class on Monday/Tuesday. I am pretty open to their ideas, as long as the project reflects their topic. For example if they chose Egyptian women, they could make a diorama of the Egyptian home and point out what the women were responsible for taking care of. One of the jobs Egyptian women had was weaving, the students could make a sample of weaving. They could make a traditional food that the women made, etc. As long as the project is related to their topic I am pretty open to their ideas. If they want to check their idea with me before they begin, they can email me at mwiniecki@atticacsd.org. There are many good ideas on pinterest.com. The project is not due until 12/5 so if they choose not to work on it over the break (I know that many of you have a lot of family/friend get togethers/activities), that is fine. I just wanted to give them the option.

    Paper and Project are due the Morning of 12/5/18 - We will be setting them up in the Library to be displayed that day. All parents, grandparents, and families are invited to come and view our Egyptian Museum during "your child's" Social Studies period. Just sign in at the office and proceed to the Middle School Library! 

    Any student who would like to stay after until 5:30 on Monday to get help/work on their paper is welcome, I will be staying.

    Study Egptian Vocabulary - quizlet.com/336776660/

    Vocabulary Quiz - 12/7/18

    Egyptian Unit Test - 12/13/18 and 12/14/18


    Hope you all have a wonderful/blessed holiday season!  :)