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  • Attica is located in Western New York approximately midway between Buffalo and Rochester. The gentle rolling hills of the Allegheny Plateau to the south and the low Great Lakes Plain to the north quietly hold Attica in a rural setting. The Village itself has a population of 2,600, with the surrounding town bringing the total to 5,600. The area's workforce is engaged mostly in dairy farming. Indeed there are more cows in the county than people. The remaining employers are small shops, the correctional facility, and the school system.

    The Attica Central School District is one of the largest, geographically speaking, in the state with approximately 148 square miles. It consists of 10 other townships with some students riding several miles past some of the largest farms in the state. The school consists of four buildings: two buildings of K-4, the middle school 5-8, and the high school 9-12. The middle and high schools are connected by some common corridors and some facilities are shared by both. Attica can be reached from the New York State Thruway by taking Route 98 south approximately 12 miles.