Attica Elementary School students try out a Cowlesville Fire Department firehose during Fire Prevention Day last week.

Members of the Attica, Cowlesville and Harrie Corners fire departments stopped by Attica Elementary School last week to talk to our students about how to prevent and stay safe from fires.

Firefighters showed our students some of the vehicles, gear and other equipment they use when responding to an emergency and even gave them a go on a few handlines. 

To cap off the day, Attica firefighters “rescued” physical education teacher Anthony Ianni from the second story balcony of the elementary school using one of their ground ladders. 

Fire Prevention Day is a longtime tradition here at Attica Elementary and plays an important role in keeping our students safe both in and out of school. 

A huge thank you to our local emergency responders for taking time out of your busy days to come speak with our students!

Our students enjoyed all the different stations during Fire Prevention Day today but their favorite may just have been the waterball station set up by members of the Cowlesville Fire Company.

Cowlesville firefighters sometimes use waterball as a training exercise to help perfect their aim with their high-powered hoses. When used as training, firefighters set up hose lines facing each other with a ball on a tether in the middle. The hose team that’s able to push the ball all the way to the other team’s side of the rope using the water from their hose wins.

For Fire Prevention Day, members of the fire company had our students aim at balls in the same direction - it looked like so much fun, we kind of wish we had a turn!

We’re pretty fond of our Elementary School physical education teacher Anthony Ianni, so we’re grateful for members of the Attica Fire Department who rescued him yesterday from the second story balcony to cap off Fire Prevention Day!