Three students in Mrs. Becky Sphar's “Foods on Your Own” class pose for a photo while preparing pancakes for a panel of judges.

Students in Mrs. Becky Sphar’s “Foods on Your Own” class went head-to-head last week in a pancake showdown for the ages. Sphar’s elective course is designed to assist students in principles related to food preparation. Students learn how to prepare truly tasty, mostly healthy, and totally realistic meals all on their own.  

In the pancake challenge, Sphar gave teams a basic pancake recipe that teams then modified with add-ins or toppings. A panel of expert(ish) judges then graded each offering. 

“Excellent taste - the fruit to pancake ratio was great,” remarked a judge about one team’s submission.

“Perfect! Looks like it was created by a professional,” remarked another.

When all the batter had been fried and the last forkful of pancake had been eaten, it was the team of Jordan Anderson, Clayton Bezon, Skylar Hiam and James Stockweather that stood victorious and were presented with the Golden Whisk. The team added chocolate chips to their pancakes then topped them with a medley of strawberries, raspberries and blueberries. 

“The students did a fantastic job with this challenge and the results were delicious,” said Sphar.

A special thank you to our judges - Mrs. Alison Zybczynski, Mr. Tony Miller, Miss Amanda Crowley and Dr. Kiel Illg - for selflessly agreeing to serve as taste-testers. Make no mistake - this was tough work, but someone had to do it!

Photos courtesy of Becky Sphar
Students in Mrs. Becky Sphar’s “Foods on Your Own” class prepare pancakes last week as part of a challenge to see who could come up with the most delicious version. The finished pancakes were then graded by a panel of judges.