Student Maria Bruggman with her first-place submission.

The talents of our student-artists were displayed in the Elementary/Middle School 2022 Student Art Exhibition at the YMCA Gallery in Warsaw from February 5 to March 19. The annual show was presented by the Arts Council for Wyoming County and Wyoming County School Districts. 

Sara Lewinski, elementary art teacher, and Tressa Smith, middle school art teacher, selected the artwork that was included in the show. Students who participated were kindergartners Landon Adamczak and Rose Hulme, first graders Charlotte Royce and Belle Poodry, second graders Jade Pope and Allie George, third graders Levi Perry and Lily Mest, fourth graders Eden Domes and Hudson Sphar, fifth grader Ava Newman, sixth graders Jada Miller, Raven Almeter and Addison Day, and seventh graders Elise Guenther, Sarah Florian, Gianna Stapleton, Blake Donahue, Jace Anetrini, Mason Jackson, Luke Mest, Lauryn Wescott, Elizabeth Gouinlock, Cole Helmicki, Ethan Tober and Connor Salmon.

The ACWC All County High School Art Show was held March 4 to March 25 at the Main Gallery on Main Street in Perry. Students Maria Bruggman (first place), Ruth Metzger, Molly Gersitz, Nalani Mercado, and Kimberley Piorun from Laura Steves’ high school art classes, and students Robert Becker, Nicholas Kurowski, Morgan Borycki, Robyn Szuniewicz, and Victoria Walker (photography award) from Patricia Ryan’s high school art classes participated in the exhibition.

Victoria Walker's submission won the photography award at the Arts Council for Wyoming County's All County High School Art Show.

Artwork by Nalani Mercado. 

Artwork by Ruth Metzger. 

Artwork by Jada Miller and Addison Day.

Artwork by Lauryn Wescott.

Artwork by Rose Hulme.