Amanda Shaw.
Former Elementary School Principal Kelly Beitz gives one of her students a hug during her surprise send-off assembly in December.
Matt Stroud.
Alicia Spoth.
Attica Elementary School students are pictured participating in some of the many new after school clubs launched by staff this year.
Photo courtesy of Michelle Barber: Attica Future Farmers of America Chapter Officers Madelyn King, Brooke Luck, Erika Conrad and Larissa Hyman are pictured at the New York State Farm Bureau’s annual Lobby Day in Albany in late February.
Photo courtesy of Becky Sphar  The blue team presents its dish to the judges.
Members of Attica’s Future Farmers of America chapter are pictured Sunday during their annual Pancake Breakfast at the North Java Fire Hall.
UPK Registration Fall 2023
Pictured are incoming Interim Elementary School Principal Sherry Bennett, left, and outgoing Principal Kelly Beitz, right.
A selection of some of the project Mrs. Allison Cali’s sixth grade social studies students created for their Museum of Ancient Egypt.
Students in Mrs. Judy Hruby’s 7th grade English class prepare their rebuttal during a trial to determine the sanity or insanity of The Narrator in Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Tell-Tale Heart.” The trial was a culminating activity on Poe’s short story and tasked students with advocating either for or against The Narrator’s sanity before a jury, which then rendered a verdict on which side had done the best job of using evidence in the story to make the most convincing argument.
Gabrielle Gebel
Students in Mrs. Jenna Linsey’s local outdoor sciences elective are pictured analyzing water samples they collected from Baker Brook, which runs along the southwest boundary of the middle and high school campus.
Students in Mrs. Nicole Parkhurst’s first grade math class play a math game during a trecent WIN Math lesson.
Members of Attica’s Best Buddies chapter and the Wyoming Correctional Facility’s Make A Difference committee pose for a photo at Attica High School Oct. 24.
 Students in Mr. John Versage’s middle school career and technical education class harvest their first crop of lettuce, which was used by the district’ food service staff in dishes served to students during lunch. Students grew the lettuce using a new hydroponic grow system the district obtained last year.
A Harris Corners firefighter helps an Attica Elementary School student use a handline during Fire Prevention Day Oct. 6.
Students in Mrs. Becky Sphar’s “Foods on Your Own” class prepare pancakes last week as part of a challenge to see who could come up with the most delicious version. The finished pancakes were then graded by a panel of judges.
Custodian Brooke Schery poses for a photo next to her chalk drawing “whalecoming” elementary school students back for the 2022-23 school year.