We have been receiving many questions regarding the UPK program in the fall.  In response to those inquiries, this information is an update for parents and guardians of incoming UPK students.  As you know, the UPK program is funded by a grant from NYS, and as a result, there are certain steps and procedures that we need to follow in order to be in compliance with the parameters of the grant.  One of those procedures governs how final placements for UPK sessions need to be determined.  As a result of the number of applications received, we will need to hold a random lottery to determine the final enrollment for AM and PM sessions.  We will be holding the lottery at 1:00 PM on Friday, May 27th in the lobby of the district auditorium, and families will be contacted with the results following the drawing.  While it is not required, parents are welcome to attend the lottery should they choose to do so.  We appreciate your support of this program and are looking forward to seeing your children in the fall.